Our Position on Issues

Here are WPX’s positions on the following issues:


We believe that states should retain the lead in regulating oil and gas operations, which is an appropriate balance between a “one-size-fits-all” approach by the federal government or thousands of overlapping ordinances by local municipalities.

Water Management

We support the re-use and recycling of water used in oil and gas operations where possible. In fact, we have an economic incentive to recycle the water we use to frack wells. In western Colorado, we recycle nearly 100 percent of the water in our operations. We have reused some of it for as many as 5 years to frack new wells. This lessens our need for fresh water and reduces our costs.

Public Disclosure

We continue to publicly disclose our fracking fluids on FracFocus.org. The website allows for a centralized reporting database with the flexibility to tailor compliance needs by individual states. More than 99% of frack fluid is a mixture of sand and water. It also contains small amounts of chemical additives like guar gum (used in ice cream), isopropanol (used in deodorant) and sodium carbonate (used in detergent). The additives help carry the water and sand all the way down the well bore.


Compliance: WPX is committed to protecting clean air, clean water and the communities where we produce oil and natural gas. Compliance is part of our company values. We embrace the need to follow the rules that govern our business and to communicate openly with regulators and policymakers.

Download our fact sheet about Our Position on the issues here.