In the Piceance

WPX Energy, Piceance basin. Nabors Drilling rig #574 on the KP 11-16 well.

WPX Energy produces the most natural gas in Colorado.

That’s enough to meet the energy needs of more than 3 million homes per day.

The Piceance Basin is where it all started for us,  and it is our primary area of production., where we have 216,000 net acres in Garfield and Rio Blanco counties.

Our first natural gas well went online in 1986. Since then we operate more than 4,100 natural gas wells in this area.

We have two offices in Colorado — in Denver and in Parachute — and these location employ 425 people.

Our innovations in the Piceance have made WPX the largest natural gas producer in Colorado. We operate 20 to 30 percent more efficiently than our peers.

Here’s why:

We put our rigs on tracks. Instead of having to move the rig and build a new pad, it slides, saving time and money.

We built a rig that runs entirely on natural gas. They’re less expensive and have far lower emissions.

We were one of the first to use Poly Diamond Crystal drill bits, which are faster and don’t break.

Through the use of multi-pad drilling, we can drill as many as 22 wells from a single pad. And in the process, we use 75 percent less land.

The remote fracturing pads we developed, close to a football field away from the wells, make fracturing faster and more efficient.

We were the first to bring aspects of an offshore technology (SIMOPS) onshore. We found a way to drill, complete and produce wells on the same pad at the same time.

We worked with Nabors Drilling Company to modify an existing rig to fit into the tight, narrow canyons and topography of the Rocky Mountains. This split rig requires about half the acreage of a typical drilling pad.